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Apron Style: Full Size Leather Apron
Apron Size: {{answer_wMaJZmi5i3ZS}}
Apron Color: {{answer_fIrdUIVkgIRd}}
Upper Pocket Style: {{answer_oVvmSYOAQAoO}}
Strap Style: {{answer_AfY4JbzGRwZ0}}
Hardware: {{answer_k7BjztysSJ1w}}
Thread: {{answer_yRMtBni7zccy}}
Custom Thread Color: {{answer_Ga1xf4TneR4I}}

Thank you for creating your apron! We will send you a digital render within 24 hours to make sure we got everything right. If, after seeing the render, you change your mind, don't worry! We can still go over the design and make any changes if we need to. We got you!
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